Saturday, September 17, 2005


Many people pray to God for everyday things to occur. For example, people pray 'Please God, let him get that job next week!' or 'Please don't let the Bronco's lose again!' However, our approach to the omniscient God is underestimated in this sense. Does one really think they will change the heart of God by prayer? If God knows all before he even created, how is a simple prayer going to change the heart of God? Besides shouldn't He know what we need to begin with? If we don't pray to him, will he intentionally not give us what we need, such as jobs? Praying seems to me more about ourselves than the character of God. Prayer changes our minds. Prayer can be used as a positive exercise for reforming one's own mind. But the reality that God may change his all-powerful mind to help us get jobs or do well on our homework sounds more like a big brother than an omniscient God.


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